Six Successful Pickling Tips with Mrs Wages

153553938What is your idea of the perfect pickle? Sweet and crisp, dill and crunchy, or maybe with a little bit of zing to spice it up?

There are several different flavors of pickle mixes available and the best part of the mixes is that all of the spices and some other ingredients are already measured and ready. All you have to do is supply the cucumbers, vinegar, sugar, and canning salt (and the canning equipment along with some of your time!)

No matter what your favorite pickle, there is likely a Mrs. Wages® pickle mix that will fit your taste.

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Looking for a perfect pickle?

0612-Pickle-Isolation-PhotoThe pungent aroma of vinegar mixed with spices such as dill, cinnamon, cloves, mustard seed indicate that something is being pickled in the kitchen.  This aroma brings to mind the wonderful sweet lime pickles that my grandmother made, which have always been one of my favorite pickles.

Some of you may think that making pickles is too difficult or takes too long, but there are several different ways to make pickled foods including a process called “quick-pack” that anyone who does home food preservation can get done in a few hours.

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