Questions about Shelf Life

Laura wrote in with a very practical question:

What is the shelf life of items we can? Is it one year for everything, or does it vary from jam to pickles, etc.. .? Providing, of course, all proper canning procedures were followed.

There are a lot of factors that can effect the shelf life of the products you can. Continue reading

How to Safely Open Home-Canned Foods

RC writes in to the website with an important safety question:

“Do you have any tips for safely opening home-canned foods? The seal was so tight that the lids scraped my hand when I took them off. I have read to use the tip of a knife, but I can just picture the knife flinging across the air! “

It’s a good question, and using the tip of a knife can be problematic (unless you’re regular job is with the circus). You should find the two-piece lid to be fairly easy to open if you take off the outer ring and then use an old fashioned “key” type opener to pry the lid off.

Many hand-operated can openers have one part designed for this use as well.

Good luck and happy (and safe) canning!