Mixing up your fruit spice mixes.

100_0291I received an interesting question (via my blog) from a reader about the Spiced Peach Fruit Mix offered by Mrs. Wages®.  This is a great product and adds a wonderful blend of spices to peaches that it’s just a matter of time before the creative cook is dreaming up other uses.

I double-checked with the Consumer Canning Council at Mrs. Wages’ offices in St. Louis and received some good news for spicy fruit lovers everywhere …

Q. Can you use the spiced peaches fruit mix with pears as well?

A.  Yes, and you will not be disappointed.

Mrs. Wages® has two mixes that works great with pears – so you may need to try them both and make two batches.  The Mrs. Wages® Spiced Peach Mix has a “clove” presence, whereas the Mrs. Wages® Spice Apple Mix, has a “cinnamon” presence.

Either one you choose, will give your pears wonderful flavor!

One thought on “Mixing up your fruit spice mixes.

  1. I like to kick it up a notch by putting 3-4 whole cloves into each peach.
    Visual and taste speed-bump ahead.

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