White film on your jar? It could be your water.

Water FaucetWhen it comes to canning, everyone focuses on food, mixes, cans, equipment – and ignores the water.  But not all water is the same, as evidenced by this latest reader question.

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Now, about that water problem …

Q. Why do some of my canning jars after a water bath process have a hard white water film on them?  The jars seal and I have a good product but it looks bad.

A. You may have hard water. Try adding a small amount of vinegar (about a ¼ cup) to the boiling water in the water bath.

4 thoughts on “White film on your jar? It could be your water.

  1. I have purchased packages of Dill Pickle mix. Followed directions and pickles are soft and strong tasting. What did I do wrong?

    • If you made sure to cut 1/16 inch from the BLOSSOM end of the cucumber, that helps with the softness. If you did that, it could be the variety of cucumbers or any of a number of other factors but I will tell you that home preserved pickles will be somewhat softer than those you buy that are under refrigeration commercially. Overprocessing can also be a factor so make sure that the boiling water bath canner is at a simmer before you add the prepared jars and quickly bring it to a boil to keep the time in the hot water bath the least amount of time possible.

      As for the strong taste – if you used cider vinegar, that will make the taste a little different. White vinegar at 5% acetic acid only in the amounts in the recipe are needed. Vinegar is one of the ingredients that make the product good – but for some of us the aroma and taste may be a little strong!

      I hope this helps…let us know if you have other problems. Happy canning!

  2. I just canned salsa. and a few of my jar lids and bands came out with a light/golosh, yellowish film on them. Mu Mom suggested vinegar in the water bath and the last batch came out shiny . She says it is minerals or something in the water…is this something u have ever heard of?

    I had such bad water in Modesto, CA that the Garlic in my pickles would turn Green or Blue-Green.. The County had some resources for me that said it was because of a lot of naturally occurring COPPER in the wells. I also found several sources that said it was not a health or safety problem, just cosmetic. I solved it mostly by using distilled water for my brine, however I found that the cucumbers raised in some areas near there already had copper too.
    I gave away a lot of something I called “Green Garlic Pickles.”

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