A zesty twist on raspberry jelly.

Raspberry confitureI love it when readers send me new inspirations for the kitchen.  Here’s an interesting suggestion for a new twist on raspberry jelly.

Of course, if you have a new recipe idea and want a second opinion, let me know through my website or contact me via Facebook.  Be sure to send a photograph of your creation when you make it, I’ll post it here for all to see!

Q. I was wondering if raspberry tea infused for jelly with lime added would work well together?  Had a raspberry ice tea beverage with slice of lime squeezed in. Thought it would make a good jelly combo.  I made the raspberry tea & added juice of a lime. it worked but didn’t have much of a lime taste. Your comments & advice please.

A. I would recommend using the raspberry fruit and not the tea. If you want to add lime, try a little bit of lime zest and see if that works. Let me know if you like your new creation!

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