Hassling with headspace.

Jar with HeadspaceThere are some tricks to successful canning – and over the years, I’ve managed to learn a bunch of them.  That’s why I’m happy to share those tricks and tips with the folks who read my blog or follow me on Facebook.

If you’ve got a canning question, let me know via my website or post a question on my Facebook page.  I’ll provide an answer to you directly via email (if possible) and post it here for everyone to share.

So, what’s the deal with headspace?  Let’s discuss …

Q. I love the flavor of the new berry pie filling.  It brings good flavor, but not to sweet to a mixture.  However, I have canned it 3 times now and I find that putting 1/2 inch head space is not enough and it is not holding a seal. I tried the last one at the inch head space-recommended by the USDA pie filling and this seemed to work.

Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong with the 1/2 inch?

A. You are fine with using a 1-inch headspace. When it’s heated it swells, so the extra headspace works.

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