Canning Meat Can Be Tricky

Amber wrote in the other day asking some questions about canning meat. Not everybody who cans jams and jellies or pickles and tomatoes tries to can meat – and that’s because there’s usually a little more involved.

Is it okay to add seasoning or gravy mixes when raw-packing meats? I want to can pork with the zesty herb seasoning mix I normally cook it with. Will adding seasonings (if okay) affect the processing time?

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No-fuss applesauce, apple butter and canned apples.

Homemade ApplesauceIf you want to make a no-fuss apple product, purchase some Mrs. Wages® Spiced Apple Mix which makes canning apples relatively easy.  I’ve provided some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make great tasting apple goodies using their mix and the bounty you collect from your favorite orchard this fall.

It’s a great way to capture the flavor of Fall and share it with your family and friends throughout the year!

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Eight Top Apple Preserving Tips

Using Mrs Wages Apple MixApples are one of the most versatile fruits available.  Their flavor ranges from tart to sweet, we can choose red, yellow, green or mixtures of colors, and they can be crisp to bite into or softer for cooking.

There are several ways you can preserve apples for later – from very simple freezing to making apple butter or sauce, jelly, apple slices or pie filling.  Mrs. Wages® offers mixes to help you with the seasoning of the sauces and apple butter and a special mix for making pie fillingContinue reading