Where can I find that?

200245859-001I’ve been publishing a lot of really great recipes this month and a lot of them use products from Mrs. Wages and Southern Gourmet Desserts that may not be distributed in your area. This can be a problem.

I hear about it on Facebook, too. Sometimes people write and ask where they can find Mrs. Wages products at all (maybe they’ve been referred by a friend or family member).

Well, here are two very helpful resources for you:

  • The Mrs. Wages Store Locator – this is where you can go to look up your state and find out what retailers offer Mrs. Wages products.  Some of the retail locations are just named, but others are hyperlinked to actual addresses/store locations in the state.
  • The Mrs. Wages Online Store – this is a great place to buy Mrs. Wages, Orrington Farms, Land-O-Lakes and Southern Gourmet Dessert items and have them shipped directly to you.  In order to save as much as possible, be sure to think about how much you’ll need for the year and place one order (or order in bulk, with friends). It will help save money on shipping!

Thanks so much for the wonderful year. Here’s to an exciting 2015.

Happy Canning!

– Shirley

Why are some pickles so mushy?

153553938Last year at this time, I received a question from Vivian – who is clearly starting to think of her gardening and canning plans for the coming year. It’s a question I get a lot, so I’m glad to share my thoughts.

She writes: “I used Mrs Wages dill pickle mix to can pickles this summer. The pickles are soft and mushy – not crisp. What happened? Thanks!”

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For the love of vegetables …!

pasta-sauceThis weekend, I received a great question from one of my blog readers, Mercy. She asks the following: “I love the pasta seasonings from Mrs. Wages.  I would like to add vegetables to my sauce before I can it. This is the only way I can get my husband to eat vegetables.   How can I do this?  We went to the farmers market this weekend and we bought an abundance of nice tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers.”

The short answer is this: You can add your veggies to your sauce, but you can’t can it.

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