Plant The Right Cucumbers for Pickles

With all of the different packets of pickle mixes that Mrs. Wages® has to offer, pickle making has never been easier.  Quick-process pickle mixes are available in a variety of dill products from Kosher dills to spicy dills; bread and butter and zesty bread and butter, as well as sweet pickles and pickle relish.  Check out the Mrs. Wages® online store for the products that are available.

But before you can make pickles, you must have cucumbers.  Remember that not all cucumbers are created equal. 

Some are best for slicing and eating in salads.  While you could make pickles from these, they are not the best.  Also, do not pick burpless cucumbers for pickling – you will end up with an unacceptable product.

I did some checking of several websites for varieties of cucumbers recommended for pickling.  I prefer the short, blocky cucumbers for making sliced pickles as well as planks and stick pickles.  If you are not a gardener, look for this type of cucumber at your local farmers’ market or in grocery stores that sell local produce.

Growing Your Own
For those of you who want to garden, the Bush cucumber is a good container plant and the Carolina cucumber will give you straight blocky cucumbers.  Park Seed listed Homemade Pickles cucumber seeds and National Pickling cucumber seeds as good for pickle making.  Burpee listed Cucumber Supremo Hybrid, Pickler Hybrid, and Picklebush as varieties to try.

Other seed companies have varieties similar to these – just make sure to read the package and pick the right cuke for your summer preserving!

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