Puzzled about Pectin?

157049340I received a question the other day from one of our readers about liquid pectin. I thought I’d share the question and an answer with you …

Q.: “I recently used your Liquid fruit pectin for the first time. It’s consistency was completely different from other brands of liquid pectin I had used in the past. It was opaque white and very very thick. Is this correct? I made Cherry Jam using both pouches, and need to know if it is edible.┬áPlease let me know, thanks.”

A: Since the question relates to Mrs. Wages Liquid Pectin, we forwarded the question on to their Consumer Canning Council for a little insight – the CCC answers product-related questions about the wide variety of Mrs. Wages mixes and canning products.

We were assured that the consistency described in that of their liquid pectins and that the product should be edible if the jam is processed correctly.

Thanks for asking – we hope that jam is delicious!

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