Freezing a tasty fruit mix.

Berry good for you!Every now and then, I hear from someone who has a new idea for something delicious.  I recently received this query from a blog reader who wanted my opinion on their plans for freezing a fruit mix for use later in the year.

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Now let’s get to that fruit mix …

Q. I have papaya and strawberries, blueberries and blackberries and I would like to make a frozen tropical fruit mix like I enjoy from the grocery store. It’s IQP and we scoop out small containers for our lunches. It’s thawed by lunch and the juice & are naturally & lightly sweet.

Can I use the pectin syrup method for my fruit, after it’s cut up in small chunks?

Would I pour it over the fruit in a large strainer (reserving the juice) so it’s not overly coated? I was going to make a dry mix of sugar and Mrs Dash Citric acid; but would this be too strong or too sweet?

A. I would use the pectin syrup, drain it well, then freeze on a tray. This would be an experiment, but I believe it will work. My only concern is that the mixture may be wet and the pieces could stick together.

Good luck, it sounds tasty!

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