Grow the Right Tomatoes for Canning Salsa

In theory, most tomato varieties will work for making salsa and what it really comes down to is how juicy you like your salsa.  For those of you who like a more watery salsa, slicing tomatoes will work just fine.  But for those of us who like a drier salsa, plum tomatoes or meatier tomatoes are our choice.

iStock_000015579694LargeSince the garden planting season is here, choosing varieties of tomatoes and other vegetables for your preserving pleasure may take a little research.  Look at web sites from the various seed companies and from your state’s Extension Service to see what the horticulturists are recommending for your area.

Some folks like to plant heirloom tomatoes because they taste just like the ones in our grandparents’ gardens.  Others like to experiment with some of the newer varieties that give us more flesh and less juice for the salsas.  Regardless of the variety of tomato you choose, when making salsa for canning, follow the directions for making Mrs. Wages® Salsa Tomato Mix to the letter.  The vinegar is there for a reason – all tomato products need to be acidified to make them safe for canning.  Do not add extra ingredients because you will change the acidity level with the non-acid vegetables.

Fresh salsas are another story, you may add whatever you like to the mixture and eat it fresh.  Just make sure that the salsa is kept in the refrigerator and eaten within 3 days.

Here are a couple of additional links to pages that will help you choosing the right heirloom tomatoes to grow (from our friends at Seed Savers):

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