Pickles Getting Mushy? Remember to Trim the Blossoms

Pickles- 078Sam wrote in the other day and asked why his pickles are getting mushy. Here’s his question:

When we can pickles some end up soft, usually towards the top of the jar we use a pinch of alum do we need to use more or put a head of dill on top to hold pickles down or what? Any tips would be nice !

Glad to help Sam, here are a few things to keep in mind and try when it comes to pickling your cukes this year …

Pickles do tend to soften particularly if you do not trim off the blossom ends.  Enzymes in the blossoms cause softening.

Treating the cucumbers with ice prior to putting them into the jars may also help. I have made pickles from Mrs. Wages mixes and found that some of them are soft, others are not.

We’ve come out with a new product – Mrs. Wages® Xtra Crunch™ – that you add to the jars and it helps with softening.

Alum is not something I like to use but others do use it with some success.

I suggest you also check out this leaflet from Penn State or this one from Iowa.

Hope these help.  Happy Canning!


2 thoughts on “Pickles Getting Mushy? Remember to Trim the Blossoms

  1. The reason for trimming the BLOSSOM end is that it contains an Enzyme that starts decomposition so the seeds in the cucumbers will have nourishment.
    In your pickle jar, this decomposition is undesirable or even down right nasty.

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