Jar size does matter.

Pickles-in-7-easy-steps-(cropped)The other day, I received a good question about substituting one sized jar for another. I love sharing my experiences with readers and fellow canners, so feel free to shoot more questions over to me via my website or by posting them on my Facebook page.

The safest way to can is to make sure you’ve got the right equipment and the knowledge you need to do the job consistently and efficiently.

Q. I purchased the Create Pasta Sauce Mix for when my tomatoes are ready for canning.  While reading the directions I noticed that the directions call for pint canning jars.  I would like to use quart jars.  Is this going to be a problem?

A. Yes, it will be a problem. We have not tested mix with quart jars and the heat will not penetrate to make a safe product. You need to use the pint jars for a safe product.

3 thoughts on “Jar size does matter.

  1. we have a small garden so our cucumbers are not enough to do a whole lot at a time. My question is can we make up the pickle pack, water, vinger, and season envelope use what we need and save the rest? That way we can make up more as we get them out of the garden with out having any seasoning going to waste. Thanks Deb

  2. Debbie,
    Just make up the mix as directed and use what you need at the time. Put the rest in a container and refrigerate until you have more cucumbers…then heat the brine and proceed again! Great questions with this year’s garden produce coming on slowly. Enjoy your pickles!


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