Jam and Jelly Discoloring? Here’s a Helpful Tip.

Red JellyOne of my blog readers, Carmella, noticed something odd about some jams and jellies she canned earlier:

 My jelly/jam fades in color after about 6 months – what am I doing wrong ?  I have been given gifts from other people and there jam/jelly looks beautiful.

Believe it or not, this isn’t an unusual problem.

Over time jams and jellies do tend to discolor.  For best quality store them in a cool dark place which will help.  Other factors are the ripeness of the fruit and the sugar concentration in the fruit.  You could try a little ascorbic acid in the batch to see if that helps keep the color. (Like a teaspoon or so.) Strawberry and raspberry jam fade the most.

Happy canning!


One thought on “Jam and Jelly Discoloring? Here’s a Helpful Tip.

  1. Hi,

    Any suggestions for getting rid of foam on jellies? I know they say butter helps. I have little success with butter. Is there a tool?

    Thanks for any suggestions!!

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