In Search of Better, Crunchier Pickles

New Pickle Product Review: Mrs. Wages® Xtra Crunch™
By Master Canner Shirley Camp, MS, LD, LDN Retired

mrs-wages-xtra-crunch-4When making pickles at home, most of us want crunchy pickles just like those in the store. Because of the high water content of cucumbers, when heated in brine, the crunchiness may be lost. Mrs. Wages® has just added a new product to their line of canning products, Mrs. Wages® Xtra Crunch™, that will put some of the crunch back into your pickles!

It is a granular product that is added to each jar of pickles as you are making them. A little bit of Mrs. Wages® Xtra Crunch™ is all you need to add crispness – only a small amount added per quart jar will do the trick. Do not add this product to the vat of pickles but to each jar instead for a controlled amount.

Mrs. Wages® Xtra Crunch™ is calcium chloride that is used as a firming agent in pickles. Calcium chloride contains no sodium so no additional salt is being added to your pickles and it does not change the flavor of the pickles.  This product is intended for use with Mrs. Wages® Quick Process Pickle Mixes that are processed in a boiling water bath canner.

Other key crunchy tips:

  • Choose cucumbers that are fresh, not shriveled or limp.
  • Remember that cucumbers in the store may have wax added which will not produce a good product.
  • Make sure cucumbers are free of blemishes.
  • Process cucumbers as quickly as you can after picking; refrigerate if you need to hold them.
  • Always cut off 1/16” of the blossom end to prevent soft, slimy pickles

Mrs. Wages® Xtra Crunch™ will not make soft, limp or shriveled cucumbers crisp.

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  3. I would like to add the Xtra Crunch to my moms recipe, we have never put them in a hot water bath. So my questions is how long do I process quart jars.

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