Think Twice Before You “Tweak”

0512 Homepage Photo - Shirley CampNo, that headline isn’t advice to over-enthusiastic youngsters when they hit the dance floor – it’s just a little common sense to the home canner who is wondering if they can just add an extra ingredient to their next batch when they’re canning in the kitchen.

The short answer is “no” – the longer answer is “know when it’s time to add your creativity and still keep the food safe for consumption.”

Tweak the Salsa?
One example that comes to mind is black bean and corn salsa.  Yes you can buy it canned in the grocery store.  Yes you may find a recipe on the web, but what is the source?  Has it gone through the rigorous testing like manufacturers of food products have done?  When asked about making a product like this, I suggest making the salsa – mild, medium or hot – can it as directed then when you are ready to serve it, add rinsed, drained black beans and corn to the prepared salsa.  Refrigerate for a few hours giving the flavors time to blend. You have your own black bean and corn salsa.

Peach salsa is another favorite – again make the salsa and can it.  When you are ready to serve it, add fresh or canned diced peaches to the salsa, adjust for sweetness (you may want some honey or sugar) and you have peach salsa to serve.

Have any questions about how to get creative when you’re canning? Feel free to ask me via my website or Facebook page.

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