Shirley’s Pickled Asparagus Recipe

asparagus tipsYou know, cucumbers aren’t the only thing you can pickle.  I like to add plenty of garlic to my pickled asparagus to help give it a unique flavor – and it keeps bringing people back for seconds!

You’ll notice in this recipe that I suggest using wide-mouth jars. That’s because they’ll be hot and you’ll want them to be easy to fill.  You can learn more about choosing the right jars by checking out this article I wrote for the Preserving The Harvest Newsletter (presented by Mrs. Wages).

Here’s the recipe …

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Not sure of the wisdom of this …

Gebruder Klingenburg 2

Even if I were a big fan of outdoor, wintery activity, I’m not sure I’d be all for going on a toboggan run with three boxes of cigars and nothing on but my dress shoes, thin gloves and a smile on my face.  Ha!

Stay warm, people!  And let’s stay inside, we’ve got plenty to cook up in the kitchen.