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The film treats Miss Brodie as a kind of tragic villain.

And that, I think, is relevant to the film's political message. Jenny being groomed to be a femme fatale had the ick factor for me. Cock riding big tits. Behind those funny glasses and impertinent face was apparently the only person thinking rationally. Where have you gone Marni Nixon? I wonder what that would have been like? Specifically, the scenes of the Brodie girls expressing their naive and budding views of sexuality are some of the best and most accurate depictions of adolescence I have seen in films.

I really enjoyed it and found it much better than I remembered. Pamela franklin naked. So for me, Sandy was less a worldly brat than a young girl of many gifts who became disillusioned when a woman she looked up to revealed herself to have feet of clay.

Small wonder that I get so much out of the contributions of readers like yourself in the comments section; I never know when I'll happened upon my next "new" classic. The beautiful cinematography, music, etc.

He is one of the producers. Anonymous March 6, at 9: If anyone deserved a song, it was Sandy. The nude scene is really remarkable because nothing about the film before that sequence is remotely worthy of the film's "R" rating. Huge tits black dick. When she takes her glasses off and lets her down she is dangerous. An unlikely star at that!

But I think about it a lot. Hi Felix A mere thank you doesn't seem quite adequate a response to your very kind compliment. Also, being a rather hard sell, marketing wise, the film had a really lousy and misleading ad campaign. Search Results For "pamela franklin naked". All of which is probably too much to build on a tin of Dulux emulsion, but your essays do tend to set thoughts turning - for which, many thanks.

Hi Wille Yes, when you hear me bemoaning some film that passed me by in my youth, I'm mourning the loss of the innocent eyes I would have viewed this film through at an age when Maggie Smith's Jean Brodie would have undoubtedly made a huge impact on me.

I was about 11 when I first saw it in the theatre. Ken Anderson March 2, at 1: The movie didn't seem romantic to me at all.

Even now, when I hear that song, I am transported to that dark theatre watching the girls in their uniforms on the grass. Apart from natural tones, Jean Brodie is the only source of colour in the film and note that her hair does not look quite natural, either. I saw Jean Brodie for the first time when I was about 13 or 14 and absolutely fell in love with it as well.

Hi Max So happy you enjoyed this essay! The only film that's been recommended to me by a reader of this blog to match your 20 times viewing of "Black Narcissus" is Jack Clayton's "The Innocents"- a film I'd previously avoided, only to now have seen it more times than I can recall.

I was absolutely bewitched with Miss Jean Brodie.

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I've seen the film a few times before and it really is a tour de force by Maggie.

Thank you for so thoughtfully expressing your impressions of your revisit to the film. I had no idea she owned the bookstore you speak of, in fact, in spite of my being familiar with it it's just a few doors down from Book Soup, a place I've visited many times I've never once stepped foot in it. Nude photos of julie newmar. Apart from natural tones, Jean Brodie is the only source of colour in the film and note that her hair does not look quite natural, either.

I don't comment here often, but I just love love love your essays! Between the power imbalance in the student-teacher relationship and the huge age difference between her and the students, her vulnerabilities are well insulated. That heart-breaking Pamela Franklin scene! She constantly over-compensates for that poor self-image with a host of affectations and pretensions. Pamela franklin naked. And I think the character I identified with most in the film was Celia Johnson's, whom I viewed at the time as a voice of reason.

Either of those films can be overwhelming for a viewer in the wrong mood or just unprepared. Find Pamela Franklin on IMdb. Thanks for the additional reveries, Michael. Depicting a woman channeling her prodigious energies in all directions at once, Smith miraculously conveys both the self-deception and desperation behind the ostentation designed to conceal what may be the truth that Miss Brodie works so hard to evade: Heartening to know from the comments here that I wasn't the only youngster craving R-rated movies back in the day.

Personally, I can't really abide the musical Gigi because of all that grooming of a young girl to be a courtesan. Nude sexy beautiful girls. Related Searches to "pamela franklin naked". From her florid gestures and affected speech, to the colorful palette of her wardrobe; Miss Jean Brodie represents romance and daring to the supple young minds of the Brodie girls. As the line moves, the eyes of the images on the tapestries follow you.

Older and schoolgirls was a ridiculously prevalent rope for the longest time. Bill Murray's character only ever talked about hitting on women and it was so unappealing. Legend of Hell House, The. Beautiful art direction and cinematography. I've read that indeed Muriel Spark had based the character of jean Brodie on someone or an amalgam of teachers she knew. She would have seen her as an Auntie Mame type she adores Rosalind Russell and would have been as shocked as you to find, in adulthood, Brodie to be indeed the "ridiculous woman" Sandy recognizes.

Perhaps both book and movie recognize the important truth that all of us are a complex mixture of good and evil. Lesbians caught on camera having sex. Back in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie spoke to the anti-authoritarianism of the youth movement, the sexual revolution, feminism, and the anti-war movement.

I first saw this when I was about 9 on its tv premiere on CBS ? This film could be added to my Christmas list along with 'The Honeymoon Killers' and 'The Day of the Locust,' films with children in them being naturals for the holiday.

As for the song, did that Jean have any resemblance at all to Jean Brodie?

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