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Her Master and the others telling her how important she is with her Battle Meditation gift, it made her feel so sick at times.

Want to add to the discussion? Bastila gave a pout to the man below her; that is, before an idea struck her. Ebony tits porn. Bastila collapsed on top of Revan, her arms giving out due to the pleasure-induced high she was feeling. Kotor bastila nude. I accidently did the samething for the old Jedi Jolee or whatever his name is one day and it was the most disgusting moment in the game for me.

I, how are you doing? He looked up to see a slight mischievous look in her eyes. Aren't you coming to join us? Of course in the cases of voice overs you have to have to 2 separate ones one for male specific pronouns and one for female spcecific pronouns but which to use could be determined like I mentioned above. Please note that even if formatted correctly, spoilers are only allowed in threads marked [Spoilers].

Plus, her accent rocks. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. I loved this couple when I started playing KOTOR so many years ago and doing a simple no frills lemon romance for them was something that I like and something that I started doing before and it is only now that I have made it into a fanfic.

Revan somehow sensed it and came up to her one day and spoke kindly to her, asking how she was feeling. You know, for science. Bbw milf mom. Much as I'd end up hating myself for it and how much ire I'll draw here for it, I''m sure it's likely that the latter would win out, and I'd pick Juhani.

So, I'm finally playing my first run-through of KOTOR as a male character, and I'm wondering how the developers make the game work if you decide to play a female.

Those traits…along with his mastery of the Force, dueling skills with a light saber, and skills in warfare, tactics, and strategy made him the living Paragon of the Jedi Order. The rest of the outfit had small straps of soft leather that ran over Bastila's toned stomach and hips to the short style thong that was also made of a soft but strong metal piece with leather, the leather for the entire outfit was fiery red with the metal being golden yellow.

Reaching past the assassin droid HK, deactivated at the moment, Revan stowed slipped something from a cabinet into his robes. Other than that, the Dark Side story to me is very weak, and did not improve until the end. Despite the lack of an answer, Bastila continued on as she took Revan's manhood and placed it between her breast, having to squeeze them together to keep it from falling out, before rubbing her breast on his shaft.

Thu Oct 28, I faced you in your ship when me and the other Jedi attacked your Fleet A short while passed and Zhar heard the doors slide open.

You had your say when we agreed on the terms. The Jedi Sentinel was soon moaning in pleasure when Revan decided that it was his turn to remove her of her dress, she didn't resist in the slightest as she felt his hands work on her clothes and soon she felt herself being fully naked and then she heard her lover' speak through their Force Bond.

I always thought, Bastila was basically naked when playing Kotor 1 as a kid.

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As soon as he sat down, Canderous handed him a cold glass and the Mandalorian, still dressed in his Mandalorian Assault Armor, gave a slight frown. Catalina milf soup. Revan nodded at that and decided to do it with Bastila, he wanted her and she wanted him, and damn the consequences! If they do, we can just go our own way, as Grey Jedi perhaps.

She still felt the pain of being alone and all the other things that troubled her. Thu Oct 28, 3: I always thought, Bastila was basically naked when playing Kotor 1 as a kid.

She had every right to let him die or finish him off for all he had done to the Republic and all the innocents that died by his orders…. He shrugged his shoulders and sighed as he joined his comrades. Is there something you want to tell me Bastila? The accent, the curves, the pretty face and the strong willed honour and spirit.

This went on for a bit more as Revan could feel the heat coming from her sex as well as the wetness and Bastila could feel the hardness in her hands.

The soldiers owed this fact that the war was won by a select group of people. As soon as he was nearly out of her dripping wet sex, Revan pushed right back in, Bastila's juices were more than enough to make his entry betterboth of them moaned out deeply at the pleasure that hit them when he was buried to the hilt. He waited a bit more and then he got his answer as Bastila spoke back to him with the Force Bond. Actually I don't typically read Lemons but all of a sudden I felt myself wanting to write one.

Thankfully she had never been violated; apparently Malak did nothing to her and was only interested in gaining her allegiance and her Battle Meditation.

LemonTea Ars Centurion Registered: Slightly amazed at what she had done as well, she almost missed what Revan had said. Kotor bastila nude. Aug 31, Posts: I may be wrong but the only possible inference in the entire game to Revan being male is the word "Lord" - which I myself am not even sure is a strongly gender specific moniker.

Nude ex girlfriend fucking. Cum on her sexy face. Bastila slumped down onto Revan's chest, her head nestled into the crook of his neck as she struggled to regain her breath.

As he explored Bastila's body, he reached her back, running his fingers on her form slowly and then he got an idea as he allowed the Force to flow through him and to his hands, he then focused the Force to his hands and fingers as he touched Bastila's body, aiming for her nerves to touch them in a way that would help her feel more relaxed. He had never imagined Bastila Shan, the 'last hope' of the Republic, to be dominate when it came to intercourse. However, I suggest we get in some combat practice.

The protagonist is supposed to the memory-wiped and reprogrammed Dark Lord Revan, right?

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Thu Oct 28, 7: As for Mission well

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