Three Tips on Asparagus Spears

Shirley-Camp’s-Pickled-Asparagus-PhotoOne of the signs of spring is asparagus making its appearance in your garden and in the fresh produce isle of your favorite grocery store.  Most of us are familiar with green asparagus, but it is also available in white and purple varieties.

Here are three tips on how to check your asparagus to make sure you’re picking the best:

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Is Your Asparagus Getting Mushy?

Shirley-Camp’s-Pickled-Asparagus-PhotoI had a question come in the other day from Ernest who asked the asparagus question that’s probably on all of our minds:

“We grow asparagus but very little. I would plant more if we could do something other than freezing it. My question is this: will it get mushy after blanching then processing? My wife and I like to can what we grow. I showed what I saw on the Mrs. Wage’s page about you and asparagus and that was her question.”

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Shirley’s Pickled Asparagus Recipe

asparagus tipsYou know, cucumbers aren’t the only thing you can pickle.  I like to add plenty of garlic to my pickled asparagus to help give it a unique flavor – and it keeps bringing people back for seconds!

You’ll notice in this recipe that I suggest using wide-mouth jars. That’s because they’ll be hot and you’ll want them to be easy to fill.  You can learn more about choosing the right jars by checking out this article I wrote for the Preserving The Harvest Newsletter (presented by Mrs. Wages).

Here’s the recipe …

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