Safe Canning Tips in Flood or Drought

By Shirley Camp, MS, LD, RDN, retired University of Illinois Extension master canner and educator

WATERDRIPGardens too wet or too dry?  It seems as though across the country this year we have a variety of conditions in our home gardens.  When we are growing produce to feed our families, both fresh consumption and preserving for later, how do we know which produce is safe and which we should compost?

When gardens have been flooded whether or not the produce is safe to consume depends on a number of conditions.  Most importantly, the cleanliness of the floodwater is to be considered; has the floodwater been contaminated by sewage, river or creek water, run-off from farms, or industrial pollutants?  If the answer to any of these is yes, for safety the produce should be discarded if it has been touched by floodwater.

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