Where to Find Safe Canning Recipes

Avoid-Food-Poisoning-Feature-PicWe all know people who have secret family recipes.  Usually those recipes are for foods that we make and serve to our families at mealtime.  Tweaking these recipes – making changes for health or taste reasons – is perfectly acceptable – you make it and you eat it. Of course your tweaking may change the taste enough that it isn’t as flavorful as you would like, but it’s a safe thing to do.

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New products on the Mrs. Wages website.

As you know, I do some freelance work with the fine folks at Mrs. Wages. And it’s exciting when they roll out new products for those of us who enjoy cooking and preserving food at home.

Well, have you checked out the Mrs. Wages website lately? Right there on the homepage are some new photos featuring some new products for 2017. In addition to a photo of their XTRA Crunch product, they have pictures of a new Bruschetta mix and a Pickled Okra product that will soon be found in stores and online.

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Hosting a March Madness Party? Make sure you avoid serving up a bacteria buffet.

One of the things we learn about when it comes to canning and food preservation is how to make sure what we share with friends and family is safe to eat. Make sure you handle food safely, prepare it properly and – when it comes to canning especially – follow the instructions to make sure things remain safe to eat when you take them off the shelf and serve them up.

Here are six basic rules to keeping your food safe from our friends at the National Center for Home Food Preservation at the University of Georgia …

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Getting creative with canning can be costly.

Creative CookWho doesn’t like being creative in the kitchen?

Whether it’s decorating, adding a little something special to a dish, making your spouse wear that wacky apron from your mother-in-law. Yeah, it’s all good fun until someone gets hurt.

That’s why we don’t go overboard when we’re canning.

A reader sent in a question the other day that asks a pretty straight-forward question about changing canning methods, times and ingredients.

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