Preserving Parsnips

Parsnips isolated on white background

Honestly, I don’t get a lot of questions about parsnips, but Susan wrote in the other day with a good question in search of an answer:

What is your favorite way of preserving parsnips?
I do can them but do not really like the results.  They taste good in soups and mashed potatoes but I would like to do more with them.

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Freezing and canning rhubarb in six easy steps

Freezing-and-Canning-Rhubarb-BlogRhubarb season is here and many folks like to put some rhubarb away for later use.  Rhubarb crisp, cakes and pies are favorites of many.  The best rhubarb is found in the spring of the year when the new shoots are tender and full of flavor.  While it is possible to can rhubarb sauce, freezing rhubarb is probably the better option. Continue reading

More asparagus tips …

paleo-leap-171From one of our Facebook Friends, Carol Buck:

“Need ideas for extra asparagus I’ve hope to grow this season.Tried freezing and not happy with my method. Do you have suggestions? Thanks,Carol”

You can read my response on my Facebook page, but I’ll also leave my answer here:

I’ve have had success with blanching spears or pieces of asparagus, cooling it quickly and removing excess moisture. Then I freeze it on a cookie sheet and package in ziplock bags and freeze. Hope this helps! I love asparagus. You can also do dill pickle asparagus…if you need recipe for this, let me know.

Advice for Canning or Freezing Early Fruits and Veggies

paleo-leap-171The first foods that are ready for preserving include strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus.  These foods are fairly easy to preserve – and strawberry-rhubarb jam is a great treat!

Here are a few tips on what to preserve and what to freeze for the coming season – that way you can enjoy the taste of Spring all year ’round.


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