The Difference Between Water Bath and Pressure Canners

1305 23Qt Canner leftI’ve been getting a lot of great questions from new and experienced canners alike. Today’s question comes from Sandy:

I am 60 and just learning to can. Never to late! Dopeople still do it in a pressure cooker like my grandma did or are their new and improved ways?

A great question – and it points out the need to explain the differences and purposes of water bath and pressure canners. Continue reading

Four Tips for Better and Safer Pressure Canning

Pressure CannerFeeling a little pressure when it comes to pressure canning? Here’s a helpful little article I wrote for the “Preserving the Harvest” Newsletter by Mrs. Wages.  Let me know what you think in the comments below …

Canning season is in full swing.  Sweet corn, green beans, lima beans, tomatoes, peppers, and a whole host of other foods are ripe for the picking.  I hope you have your pressure canner ready to go – if yours is a dial gauge type canner, the gauge needs to be tested annually.  Many local Extension Offices have testers and can do this for you (sometimes there is a nominal fee).

Prep Tip: Check the seals while you are getting it ready.  If your pressure canner has any gaskets or seals that are dried out or cracked, replace them.  This will help your canner hold pressure while you are processing the foods.  Also, the pressure saucepans are not meant to be canners and all recommendations are that you not use them as such. Continue reading