Think Twice Before You “Tweak”

0512 Homepage Photo - Shirley CampNo, that headline isn’t advice to over-enthusiastic youngsters when they hit the dance floor – it’s just a little common sense to the home canner who is wondering if they can just add an extra ingredient to their next batch when they’re canning in the kitchen.

The short answer is “no” – the longer answer is “know when it’s time to add your creativity and still keep the food safe for consumption.”

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Grow the Right Tomatoes for Canning Salsa

In theory, most tomato varieties will work for making salsa and what it really comes down to is how juicy you like your salsa.  For those of you who like a more watery salsa, slicing tomatoes will work just fine.  But for those of us who like a drier salsa, plum tomatoes or meatier tomatoes are our choice. Continue reading

Using Home-Canned Tomatoes in Salsa

iStock_000004897970MediumA blog reader wrote in to the website a few days ago and asked a question about using home-preserved, stewed tomatoes with the Mrs. Wages Salsa Mixes. Adding your home-grown tomatoes makes for a delicious salsa, so we thought we’d share the information with all of you.

Q: “I have some stewed tomatoes that I have canned.  Would it work if I used them to make some salsa with Mrs Wages salsa package ?  If so how should I go about measuring for one batch ?  I was thinking I would have to drain them but wasn’t sure how many cups would go into a batch.” – Becky

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Win This Taste of Summer Sampler Prize Package from Mrs. Wages!

Enter now to win a selection of seasoning and sauce mixes – a great way to put up your tomatoes and keep that summer flavor fresh all year ’round!

Included in this prize package are:

    • 3 small Pizza Sauce mix packets
    • 2 mix and serve Classic Salsa packets
    • 2 small Chili Seasoning packets
    • 1 small Carrot Juice mix packet
    • 1 Bloody Mary mix packet
    • 1 mix and serve Chipotle and Garlic Salsa packet
    • 1 mix and serve Guacamole packet
    • 1 mix and serve Pepper Jack Queso packet
    • 2 large Pasta Sauce packages
    • 2 large Ketchup packages
    • 1 large Chili Base package
    • 1 large Pizza Sauce package
    • Mrs. Wages Canning Guide

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